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    • It's nice to be home, even if that means I have a couple weeks of accumulated projects to do today 4 hours ago
    • RT @Notintheface1: How about an alternate reality where the South still lost the Civil War but they managed to get the fuck over it already? 1 day ago
    • @polotek She's been on thin ice for a long time. Heavily mismanaged the Castille protests, bad promotions, etc. Not just this. 1 day ago
    • RT @CityMinneapolis: Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau gave her resignation to Mayor Betsy Hodges this afternoon.… 1 day ago
    • RT @doctoorwho: John Barrowman is wearing a TARDIS dress and supporting the new doctor being a woman how can some people not love him https… 1 day ago

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Winter Storm Warning in effect from 4 PM this afternoon to 7 am CDT Saturday…

Posted by chrisgwinn on April 10, 2008


The weather forecast says up to a foot of snow by the end of Saturday. There was snow when Zoe was born, snow on her six month birthday, and now it looks like there’s going to be snow on her 18 month birthday. People ask us if she likes playing outside – we’ll let you know when we have our three non-winter days this year.

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