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Mel-o-glaze is both tasty and nice

Posted by chrisgwinn on April 4, 2008

I had a surprisingly positive customer service experience this week that made me check the calendar and make sure it wasn’t 1957. I had gone to the friendly neighborhood donut shop (mel-o-glaze, for you locals) to buy donuts for my coworkers and myself, and after the woman at the counter had boxed everything up, I realized I’d misplaced my wallet. I ran out to check the car. Not there. So I went back inside and told her that I didn’t have my wallet and would have to go.

She suggested that I take the donuts anyway and come back and pay them later.

I assumed there was some communication problem – english is clearly not her first language. But no, that’s exactly what she meant. I scribbled my name and phone number on a piece of paper and gave them to her, then left with my tasty, tasty donuts.

Will I go back there again? Hell yeah. Did I buy more donuts when I came back to pay them? Sure did.


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