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I’m sure this says something about us as parents

Posted by chrisgwinn on July 7, 2008

Zoe’s been learning words left and right recently. Sometimes she asks for things, but quite often she just points and proudly identifies something she knows the word for. So we’ve been confused the last week or so when she loudly and intentionally said “doppy!” or “doppy do”. She didn’t seem to want anything in particular and there didn’t seem to be anything consistently around when she said it.

This morning we get a clear point and a “doppy”. “Is doppy coffee?” says Ann. Big nod. Big smile.

She wasn’t pointing at coffee. “Coffee” has clearly been generalized as the term for anything Mom and Dad are drinking, especially if it’s not for Zoe. Coffee is coffee, but so is beer, wine, water in glass glasses, etc.


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Winter Storm Warning in effect from 4 PM this afternoon to 7 am CDT Saturday…

Posted by chrisgwinn on April 10, 2008


The weather forecast says up to a foot of snow by the end of Saturday. There was snow when Zoe was born, snow on her six month birthday, and now it looks like there’s going to be snow on her 18 month birthday. People ask us if she likes playing outside – we’ll let you know when we have our three non-winter days this year.

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Sane and well rested

Posted by chrisgwinn on August 24, 2007

Zoe had her first uninterrupted night of sleep, and I went to mel-o-glaze this morning. It’s a good day.

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Zoe is getting big

Posted by chrisgwinn on July 3, 2007

Zoe with pigtails and broccoli.

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