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Posted by chrisgwinn on July 3, 2008

I promised food blogging.  I failed.  La Finca’s still in early spring mode, so there’s been a lot of salad greens, some bok choy and some radishes.

However, it’s almost the 4th of July weekend, and I’ve been asked about it recently, so here’s my mojito recipe.  You’ll need a bag of limes, a lot of mint and a good citrus juicer (I have one of these), along with the usual booze and mixers.  The mojito recipe I’ve settled on is refreshing, but pretty weak.


Before you actually want a mojito, make a batch of mint simple syrup.  This will keep for a while in the fridge, so I usually make it up the day before I expect company.  Simple syrup is, well, simple to make.  Take a cup of water and a cup of sugar in a small saucepan.  Boil and stir until all the sugar is dissolved in the water.  Then you basically make mint tea out of it – remove the syrup from heat, throw a handful of mint leaves in and leave it for a while.  I usually just wait until it cools.  Strain all the mint remains out and you’ll be left with a pale green syrup.


I usually make the mojitos in a tall glass.  Depending on how many people we have and how drunk they are, this frequently becomes a plastic cup. Put a generous amount of ice in the cup.  Add (in no particular order):

  • the juice from a lime
  • 1.5 oz white rum
  • 1.5 oz mint simple syrup
  • club soda to fill the glass
  • half of the juiced lime and a few mint leaves for garnish

Stir or you’ll be sad.  The amount of rum and mint can go up or down to taste, and I generally go light on the rum and heavy on the syrup.

Toddler Advice:

Obviously, Zoe doesn’t get mojitos.  She does love what we call Zojitos, which is lime juice, a mint leaf and an ice cube in a little club soda.  Zoe also loves to get ice cubes out of the freezer.


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