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Where’s Chris?

Posted by chrisgwinn on January 13, 2009

In Minnesota, where it is very cold and he is very busy.

Not like I ever updated this blog much, but I’m really updating rarely now.  And I’ve largely stopped visiting many of the various internet communities I spent time in.  No real reason, I think I just burned out on being engaged with people on the internet during the election and now I need to take a break.

But let’s say you actually want to know what’s up with me or interact with me in some way…  Which you might,  since you’re reading my blog.

I’m on facebook.  Farily regularly, actually, since it’s a nice way for me to get my socialization in very lazy ways. I’ll pretty much accept friend invites from anyone, but if I can’t figure out who you are from the name, I might not.

I’m on LinkedIn, mostly for work/job things.  So if you’ve worked with me before, drop my an invite.

When I’m actually reading things on the internet, you can see what I find interesting by looking at my google reader shared items.

I’m on XBox Live as MNGwinn.  Sometimes, anyway.  On the PC, I’m on Steam.

Now, hopefully my facebook integration works and sucks this post into there as well.

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