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Three things I’m fond of, in one shirt.

Posted by chrisgwinn on October 26, 2008

There’s a lot going on.  Some good, some bad, some I can’t get to until the good and bad stuff calms down a bit.  More later.

Until then, behold the best t-shirt design I’ve seen in forever.  I’m buying one as soon as I accept a job offer.


3 Responses to “Three things I’m fond of, in one shirt.”

  1. Anya said

    That’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I want one too!

    Good luck with the job stuff…I know how crazy stressful job search stuff is and I empathize. Good thoughts being sent your way from DC!

  2. I’d vote for a donut. And bacon… I mean if you have a problem with bacon, well you’re just some sort of.. well some sort of vegetarian or a Jew or a Muslim but if you’re a real American that doesn’t happen to be a vegetarian, Jew or Muslim, bacon is right up there with motherhood, the boy scouts and apple pie.

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