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Popehat and the diaspora

Posted by chrisgwinn on April 15, 2008

I don’t expect there are any people who read my blog, care about our octopus overlords, and are unclear about what’s going on with OO’s outage. On the off-chance that there are, be advised that much of the usual crowd is hanging out on the new Popehat forums.

I do expect that there are a small number of people who read my blog and are completely unfamiliar with Popehat. It’s a group blog written by a number of people I’ve known (in the internet sense) for a number of years. Common topics include law, computer games, making snarky comments directed at dumb people, etc. It’s worth reading.


One Response to “Popehat and the diaspora”

  1. Pariahman said

    Amazing… you have a 360. I will need to send you an invite. I see TJ may have one also… it says he’s playing GTA IV most of the time.

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