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2 + flu / gazebo = 3, monkey 145!

Posted by chrisgwinn on February 18, 2008

I’m hopefully towards the end of what I grudgingly have to call the worst collection of flu-like symptoms that I’ve had since the legendary Martian Death Flu of 1997. It’s been a real joy in all the usual ways, but I’ve also had some really cool fever related stuff happen. At one point I woke up and all of my words and numbers were gone.

Or rather, disconnected from meanings – just a pile of abstract symbols. Talking or trying to assemble an internal monologue was like pulling heaping handfuls of scrabble tiles out of a big bag containing all my words and numbers and trying to juggle them into the sentence I wanted. I can’t juggle.

You can guess why I found this disturbing and sorta cool at the same time.

“Numbers – over here!” wordlessly commanded the part of my brain that still had some control over things. “Time to count!” The counting helped – I’m better now. I’d probably have been better anyway, but the counting stopped the freaking out.


One Response to “2 + flu / gazebo = 3, monkey 145!”

  1. bookbabie said

    Yikes, I haven’t heard of that symptom before, glad you’re feeling better:)

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